Blogs is bad

First things first.

VICKSBURG SKATEPARK IS OPEN! Thank you everyone that worked hard to give me a place to grind! It’s a sick park with an original design you won’t find anywhere else. Pillar, Artisan, Vicksburg and SkateMS killed this one!



The locals are already wanting to learn and willing to teach. Look for Saturday morning clinics coming soon!

Figment went off. I may have bloggeded that before.

We had a very successful clinic. A bunch of new kids learned to skate and got stoked on rolling.


Our second bowl is looking great and almost done!


All plenty of great reasons to hate and lie!


I’m horrible at bloggings

among other things, like making skate videos, or doing anything right.

A lot has happened since the last post. King of Jackson KILLED! There are videos all up on skatems facebook page you can check out. Maybe I’ll get around to posting some of the good uns at some point.

We redid our Figment sculpture, It got ripped during figment and pretty much everyday since we finished it.



Vicksburg should be done anyday now. We are planning the grand opening for sometime. Hopefully soon we will be talking about the Jackson project. Can’t give out too much info on it yet. Trying to keep the sabotage’s at bay. 😉

It’s been a pretty busy fast moving few months. Hopefully I’ll find time to skate in June.

The Artisan dudes rip. Here is a crappy vid of a few hours of skating.

Mississippi rules! HATE ON!


Mississippi is full of awesome! Don’t believe the hate!

Hosoi Bros

Rockstar mess right here!

Get the albums

Durtbowl sunday

Little ripper chris brought his broken foot by to do some filming for a couple hours. He make video!

Ooops update

We’ve been slacking on the blogging so here’s an update of the lame mess we do.

We hit up West Point MS. new park a few weeks ago. Great little park for $125,000. Thanks West Point and Grindline.

We started dumping some mud in another backyard. It’s real tasty. This bowl is getting the hand mix treatment. Apparently concrete places are wanting $300 to deliver on a saturday. Lame.

Last weekend was pretty dope with our backyard pour going on. There also happened to be a pour in New Orleans. You can keep up with their progress or donate stuff at:

The south is blowing up with diy suck! Pour it like you live it! Bring on the hate mails!

King of Jackson 2012

All I have to say is, I had the best time with this contest! Skateboarding in Mississippi kills! Thank you everyone for continuing to make Mississippi awesome!

Here’s some highlights. You can check out the rest of the clips at Skatems’ facebook

This contest was definitely about you. The skaters of Mississippi. We’ll do it again next year!